• DSMT ensure that “No fee or Other charges for recruitment or for providing employment to the seafarers are borne directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the seafarer” (Costs of the statutory medical examination, certificates, personal travel document and the national seafarer’s book shall not be deemed to be “fees or other charges for recruitment).”
  • To implement procedures, in order to ensure that seafarers are not subject to exploitation, with regard to the offer of engagement on ships.
  • To give due regards to the right to privacy and the need to protect confidentiality as per general employment practices of collection, storing, processing combining and communicating seafarer’s personal data to third parties.
  • To ensure that, no means, mechanism or list will be used by the company with the intention to prevent or deter seafarer from gaining employment.
  • To ensure that storing, processing, combining and communicating seafarer’s personal data to be supervised by adequately trained shore staff having relevant knowledge of maritime
  • To ensure that the seafarer is informed of his rights and duties under the contract of employment or agreement prior to
  • To ensure that all the ships on which seafarers are recruited and placed are covered by Protection and Indemnity
  • To repatriate stranded seafarer to their home port and to maintain and transport mortal remains of a deceased seafarer (if permissible by the local regulation) to his next of Kin.


 We are looking for genuine people with a real passion for ships! 

At DSMT, we work to the highest standards for our clients and seafarers alike, offering both long- and short-term opportunities with ship owners all over the world. As an DSMT seafarer, we look after you, focusing on your health, education and welfare. The vessels you sail on are suitable and fully compliant with industry standards, as we never compromise on quality or safety. Our people are the core of DSMT and we take great pride in the strong working relationships we have with our seafarers and onshore teams.

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