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Oil Brokerage Services

Marketing of various oil products and the by-products. Acting as a negotiator between the buyers and sellers and assisting in closing the transaction. Arranging and facilitating the buying and selling of oil products. Developing relationships with the various buyers and sellers of crude oil and other oil products. Tracking the market movements, analyzing the trends, and following the financial news. Quick decisions based on the available market information and financial data. Communicating with other personnel, buyers, and sellers

Ship Brokerage Services

Consisting of a core of highly experienced brokers, DSMT Shipbrokers maintains close
relationships with the major oil companies, traders and shipowners, and is always striving to
develop new alliances. Every account has more than one broker covering it regardless of size, so
clients always receive a complete service even if the main point of contact is absent.
Our Highly staff members that cover the Crude, DPP, CPP and LPG on a worldwide basis. More
specifically, this includes coverage of the crude market from Handy size up to VLCC size, DPP
markets from Handy size up to VLCC, and CPP markets from small tankers up to LR2s.
The company also has experience in developing time charter projects.

Crew Management Services

We have provided Crewing services to various Ship Owners and Managers globally, Crew Management is our core business and we great pride in taking our performance levels in providing Crewing Services to ever higher levels of competence. As part of this continuous process of improvement we have implemented a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001-2000 Standards.
Our Fleet Personnel database is not just about building numbers but building relationships. Till
date, we have worked with over 300 Officers & Ratings. Our personalized service to seafarers
includes being in constant contact, and monitoring their certificate requirements during their leave. All of which translates into a high retention rate. Our staff managers are qualified and experienced professionals providing the best services in their domain. The Crew Management activities are divided for optimum management into 3 offices, 1 in Mumbai and 1 in Finland. Also, there is a liaison office in Texas USA. Our crew management services are flexible & competitive and cover the complete spectrum of human resource management for the Ship Owner.

Technical Management Services

DSMT is recognized for its high level of technical expertise by its team which comprises of
Indian and European engineers of the highest caliber and with decades of experience in their
respective field. DSMT provides full maritime services to all types of vessels like chemical
tankers, crude and product tankers, bulk carriers and gas carriers

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